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Overcome overthinking
in 30 days

Gain confidence in relationships and self-love.

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Discover your hidden potential

and be the best version of yourself

Learn how to prepare while waiting and enjoy while dating.,Be fruitful in your me-time.,say no to toxic love.

What’s inside

How to Effectively Live Singlehood
  • Identifying what is my Relationship Goals
  • Compatibility over Chemistry
  • Facing my fears
How Can I Push My Relationship Goals?
  • Is there Someone Who can Help Me?
  • Saying NO to Toxic Love (Entitlement, Possession, Equality)
  • Experiencing True Love
What to do when I think I met the one?
  • Sunshine on my rainy days
  • The Purpose of Not Immediately Landing to my Suitable Partner
  • Traffic Lights (Courage to Continue, Pause and Stop in Love)
The Questions I need to Answer for my Future (Us)
  • If I fall
  • The Union
  • Generational Effect
How Can I Continually Win Over my Overthinking?
  • Enjoyment
  • My Life is Planned Perfectly
  • Being the Hero of the Story



Hear Their Story

This book really touches the heart of those people who are battling their own thoughts. We are all experiencing uncertainties and probably inconsistencies in our lives most especially to our relationship with other people. This book will really help you check on yourself about what you really want in a relationship or on how to deal with those people who are actually giving us any confusion. What I learned about this book that really made a mark on my heart and mind is to never settle for less, never compromise, and never take yourself for granted because we are all worthy in the eyes of our Father. Someone will come along the way and will make you feel that you are the most precious person in the world that they are willingbto spend the rest of their lives with you. If we you are stuck in the season of waiting, this book is best for you.
Jade Cyrene Cruz

It doesn’t mean that when you don’t see it happening, it will not happen. Don’t ask people for something only God can give you.” That sunk into my mind. I’ve been searching for the kind of love only God can give me. I felt like the book was really made for me. As if I’m the subject. I was able to relate in every chapter. I had realized and learned a lot while reading the book. I now have a clear perspective on how I’m gonna win in life, on how I can be truly happy. If you want to experience pure joy, you should read this book! Why overthink if you can win in life? 😊
Edilyn Eduardo

A note from the author

To our Dearest Readers,

Thank you for your heart to pursue the right kind of relationship with yourself, significant other, and God. It takes a man and a woman to take another step in improving themselves. Your bravery and genuine heart will definitely be your key to attaining and maintaining your ideal relationships. There will be times that you’ll run out of reasons to stay single and that is fine, rest, and fight with faith again! Make your waiting worthwhile by becoming the right person. Your heart is designed to love and be loved and I am with you believing that you are still in the singlehood season because the Lord is preparing the best marriage you could have!

We hope you enjoy and I completed the activities in this book and be bold enough to do what you need to do. It is our desire that you’ll never feel alone in your season and felt our love for you throughout the book

❤️Coach Loreen