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Based on research, the adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious choices each day. Each decision, of course, carries certain consequences with it that are both good and bad. For this book, we only need you to decide that you want these two things:  (1)Beat overthinking and become the best version of yourself, and (2)  to feel loved and contented with or without having someone.  If these two thoughts appeal to you, don’t think twice and grab a copy of this book.  You are the inspiration behind this book. We often cross the boundaries between strategic thinking and excessive thinking.  We get affected by the overwhelming views of the people, the struggles we face, and the roller coaster of emotions we encounter daily.  Simple questions such as what we shall wear and what we shall eat are some decisions we usually depend on our feelings, cravings, and the people we are with. When you continually think about something out of your power, that is called “overthinking.” It is when we tend to fill in the gaps that are intended to be revealed as we enjoy ourselves and other’s company. It is way different from trusting God regarding His timeline and revelations; it is more of creating our own anxiety and less enjoying the companionship we have. A Relationship at its finest is the ultimate craving of every human who had the idea of what love is.  We are designed to love one another that is why it is not a surprise that we all desire it. The moment we enter Earth is already a great manifestation that we are unconditionally loved. That love is overflowing and unexplainable that we tend to search for it in different forms.  You don’t need to overthink Love because it is something that is freely given. There is no perfect relationship, but we can always create our ideal relationship with ourselves, our significant other, and God. This book addresses the agonies of actively and passively waiting for your dream wedding.  It also contains activities for couples and if you are already married, it is a perfect refresher on knowing the core values of your partner.  Core values are the characters that can make or break your #RelationshipGoals.  This is a self-improvement book that aims to help you surpass the hardships we have in our life especially when we run out of reasons to keep on fighting and find ways to rejoice in this season of singlehood. Note that you are still considered single even you are in a relationship.  The singlehood is a long season but fruitful one if you allow yourself to discover more of yourself and the people around you. You can win over your overthinking by being honest in accessing your thoughts, actions, and perceptions.  There might be habits and decisions you need to revisit and improve.  Please do not hold back if you need to go back to square one. Every beginning comes from another’s ending. I would also like to take this opportunity to blog our upcoming book, which will tackle further how you will be able to break bad habits in 30 days.

What is interesting is that I never plan to write a book.  I believe it is the hand of the Lord that touched my life, His undeniable calling to me. You might ask me about my purpose, motive, and inspiration in writing this book?  Simple as it is, I want to share with everyone how the Lord turned my more than 10 years of waiting in singlehood fruitless to become fruitful. Like everyone stuck in this season, I have tried a lot, my feeling transformed from bitterness to sweetness as the Lord unfolds His revelations in my life and family. I have experienced saying “no” to a few men who have pursued me even they have already captured a part of my heart. Reasons would be that I was too focused on my career, too afraid to love once more, and too anxious to commit again, and other discernments to which I think you could also relate. You may ask me if I came to a point that I regret saying “no” to them? I will honestly say yes, but I learned that every “not yet” means that the Lord is giving me some time to let me experience what is unexplainable peace, joy, and love even if the only relationship I have, is with Him (Philippians 4:7). The so-called “Peer Pressure” is one of the ultimate challenges we will ever face in life and fighting with faith (“Faithing”) empowers us to not conform to anyone’s expectation of us as we draw closer to God.  The more I feel broken, the more I see Him and how He loved each one of us deeply. No one likes to be in the deep waters of challenges, frustrations, depression, sadness, and anxiety so we keep on chasing things that we thought will make us happy, especially having a relationship. It might not appear that I’ve been there, but I have. I came to a point where I chose to chase whatever things that could give me love, joy, and contentment. Only God knows how I try to plan everything to make my life exciting, but in the end, it’s all exhausting. The joy doesn’t last in my heart, my faith goes went up and down, lost in love. One day I decided I needed to find myself because I don’t want to be in lukewarm faith anymore. Many told me that the Lord doesn’t have favoritism, so I decided to check what is wrong with my perspective. The Lord brought me to the D’cup Republic, the home of Certified Life Coaches, and there I was trained to become a Life Coach and I took the certification. Little did I know that it was also the start of going deeper into the wounds that I didn’t know that exists in my heart. Life Coaches focus on people’s well-being especially mental health and the state of our heart. All of us have mental and heart issues that we need to address, contrary to the idea that only those people suffering from depression need support.  If you want to know more about Life Coaching, you can go to D’ Cup Republic Facebook page and message them. There you will be welcomed by a tribe of Coaches who will partner with you in every aspect you want to overcome and succeed.  Continuing to my story, by God’s grace, slowly but surely, I found my way back to reality. Yes, it is not that exciting and there are things I need to let go of in my life, but the Lord’s hand never let me go even though I disappoint Him a lot. Now, I am not afraid to face the agony of waiting and planning. I learned the secrets on how to become content in whatever circumstance the Lord gives me. I know that if we are sad, so He is.  He is our Abba Father who loves us so much and is capable to give us victory in every area of our life even though it is far from what we currently see.

When you read the book, I hope you will not feel alone. Be confident that we are with you in praying that you will attain the goals you have set in this book.  May you invite His presence in your life as He is the only one who can make your plans succeed.  Be open with your wounds and allow God to work mightily in and through you.  He cannot heal you if you will not acknowledge that you are hurt, you need to present it to Him. As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.”  I hope that you trust the process even if it involves digging into your inner thoughts and breaking your heart.  If you are in a relationship right now, it will be good that both of you share your thoughts with one another. Do not be afraid of what will be the outcome of the compatibility test as we are unique to one another.  This is the perfect restart to deepen your relationship by having an open conversation on your self-assessment.  Being on the same page will help you to become more intimate and have a stronger relationship. The book contains activities wherein you could access your current feelings and perspectives. These activities are an eye-opener, heart-checker, and desire-validator. This will be your testimony that your life is being changed and transformed as you progress on self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. Your journey of choosing to become the right one while waiting will start on the first day you read this book and we guarantee you that as soon as you take action with your assessment, you will be a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself.  We advertise this as a 30-day journey of becoming the right one, but we believe you can make it in less than 30 days. Your dreams, plans, and faith require you to act accordingly. Have a support system that will lift you up whenever you feel like nothing is happening. Two is better than one, and it doesn’t need that this person is your partner, it could be your friend, churchmate, Coach, or anyone you trust that will be honest with you. Be accountable for the growth of the people you love in a way that you will help them grow.  We hope you maximize it and take another level of understanding yourself and your partner if you have one. What you want to do always starts with your perception. I hope you feel the genuine love and concern we want you to feel. Our life is always a battlefield of how we want to live our life. I pray that you let the waiting perfect its work, let faith, perseverance, endurance grow stronger in your life. May you see each struggle as an opportunity to feel the joy of having a God. I hope you choose things that will not just value the temporary pleasure in this life but those that will also glorify our Lord.

As the book cover says, there are certain thorns in life and relationships; an evaluation of thoughts running in your mind will help you to win life and relationships. You don’t need to travel too far to find yourself.  All you need is bravery, honesty, faith, love, and action to eliminate the stars that seem beautiful but unknowingly it just consumes your time that you can never buyback. Though it may seem that is a serious book, it isn’t. You can always have fun discovering yourself.  Happiness is not finding the right one but being the right one. You will surely enjoy the journey of discovering yourself as you feel the love that keeps you alive, even we have enemies that keep on stealing our joy, peace, and love.  Have the courage to find the light that shines like the sun. Look up and follow the light that will lead you toward your ideal relationship with yourself, other people, and God. Break the bondage of procrastination and build the empire that will make you the right person to create a beautiful, pleasing, and Godly marriage. Waiting might not sound pleasing to you but as the saying goes, “Every good thing is worth the wait”. Hold on, for everyone who knows the direction using trusted applications like Waze; even when you take detours or a different route, the destination will always be the place you have pinned.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

                                                                                                       Proverbs 16:3

As you buy the services and products we have in “The NS Project”. I want to thank you in advance for supporting my dream to put up a foundation or NGO that will help various people in need. All proceeds I will acquire in this business will be saved and by the Lord’s willingness and perfect timing, together let’s bless His Land. I will keep you posted with the progress in any way we can on my social media sites; so make sure to follow and subscribe. I hope you will join me in this journey of planting seeds of faith to anyone we can extend the grace of the Lord.  Let us hit two birds with one stone, practice generosity, and prove we cannot out-give God.  I would also like to ask if you could pray for me, and this business that goals to bless a lot of people. I don’t have the exact details yet, just the entity name (Sovereign’s Love); but I’ll know it’s time once the Lord provides the leading and grace.  The NS Project on the other hand is created to support our local authors and artists, and various talented individuals in their dreams by creating a platform that will exhibit their God-given skills to the whole world. From being the platform maker, up to helping the small and big enterprises to market their business be known by the public is the vision of the company. The NS (Never Surrender) Project has a mission to support and grow the talents of every individual who has a dream to cultivate what they have.  We believe that every individual has a passion that will give them a profit-given opportunity and a community that will support their timelines, abilities, and skills.  We also goal to create a company that will focus on people’s wellness and growth.  Rest assured, like our company, my goal is to never surrender in finding ways that will bless His Name. 

Here is our prayer that The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord makes His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lifts up His countenance upon you & gives you peace. (Numbers 6:24-2). God bless you and your loved ones! We will be glad to know how this book has helped you and blessed you. Let us know how we can serve you better.  Also, if you believe you have talents and skills that can make you profitable you can message us. You can visit our page “The NS Project” or website ( for more details of our products and services like Lead Chords,  E-commerce, and Website creation & design. You can also follow and message me on my personal account on Instagram (Coach Loreen), Twitter (Coach Loreen), Facebook (Life Coach Loreen) and subscribe to my YouTube channel (Coach Loreen) for any updates to our advocacy in blessing His Land by your support. I want to end this by thanking the Lord for giving me people who will help me to finish this book. To my close friends, you know who you are, the tribe of Life Coaches of the Philippines, church mates, and especially my family. All glory and honor belong to our Father above!

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