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In this world full of incertitude, how do you respond?  What is the thing that you hold on to have peace in your heart? Peace is when you don’t worry about what tomorrow may bring for you have trusted in something that is not defined by time or any circumstances.  It is when you can feel the joy of having your own thoughts.  The same confidence that tomorrow our eyes will see, our ears will hear the sounds, and our heart will beat every second, so we don’t do fear we can lose them in one instance.  Our body is our key to accomplish everything, those dreams and wants will be useless if our body is not performing as expected.  Another example is that unless we are from NASA, we don’t think about how the Earth rotates in its orbit.  The spinning movement of Earth determines everything that we will experience in our nature like weather and daylight, but why we don’t worry about it?  These are a few examples that prove we really forgot to a take deeper understanding of what is vital.  We only just focus our concern on the things that we just see. Whereas, we ignore the unforeseen foundation of complicated things.  Is it ironic that we don’t care much about the basics which should be the priority? Overlooking that fact coined discontentment.  We trust our instincts that our body and the universe will work perfectly fine. Should we do the same thing in the midst of uncertainty, hold on to your foundation of peace?

Our response is affected by the current state of our mind, body, and soul. You may want to go somewhere to refresh and keep up with everything that is happening in our world. We hope you will visit our web page to relax and take on a journey of taking deeper what life and love mean. We will be producing different subjects too, from normal, funny, to classy ones. We invite you to grow with us.  We also encourage you to connect with us if you have talents in writing, arts, music, and other specialization that you believe many will benefit from. Sharing is also caring, so might as well show the world what you got.  Who knows this might be your open door for your passions to profit?  Our website also aims to highlight different life hacks that will give excitement to our simple life and end each day with gratitude.  We assure you that you will learn something new that will calibrate your thinking, skills, and calling.  Our products and services are created to promote growth in ourselves that will improve how we see life and love.  As the saying goes, if there is one thing we should invest in, it is our personal growth. 

Reading might not sound interesting to you, but the truth is, it is something that never left us. It is where we learn to communicate, improve our skills and knowledge, experience joy, and even where to find a job too. Simple browsing on your phones is reading, right?  There are things in life that if we fine-tune our views, we will gain wisdom in simplicity.  While money comes and goes, we only got one life and a chance to live it joyfully, peacefully, and successfully. If by now you are discouraged because of bad things that happen in your life, chin up, rest as much you need, keep going, and practice faithing (fight with faith).  In worldly views, our value as humans depends on our net income and influence. Good thing that we have the Word Views which is based on how our Creator (God) sees us. Always remember that it’s the designer’s view that matters, not the here says of the audience. For who sees the whole purpose of one thing but its Creator?  If you want to practice how to win over your overthinking, we released our first-ever book entitled “Am I Winning or Overthinking”. This book also addresses overcoming our longings, relationship goals, and discontents in life. When you buy this book, you are also helping our dream to build a foundation or NGO that will bless the cities. Thank you in advance! 😊

We always have stages in life that made us strong through time. For example, in Christianity, struggles in life are described as storms, valleys, mountains, walls, and of course battles. These events or places are good if you will see in the perspective of gaining endurance, perseverance, strength, wisdom, and how to trust in God. In general events, some performance testing, triage, and other preparations in order to make the success rate higher. In the world of Information Technology, there are documentation, testing, and Workplan on development, user-acceptance testing, staging before the implementation in production to make sure that the webpage can be accessed by the user even there are on-going deployment and maintenance. But no matter how good the Technology consultants plan for it, there are chances that the outcome of each step may vary because there is also authenticity in each environment.  Downtime is also inevitable but can be minimized depending on the strategies that will be used. Being said that, incertitude or uncertainty is always part of the plan. A room for growth and wherein we learn how to be smart in unexpected circumstances. It is normal to feel distressed during these tough times as sooner or later we will all hit the limitation of our capabilities. Below are some customs we can practice in to triumph over the uncertainty that may result in failures:


Successful people also encounter failures in their life. No one is excepted, but what differentiates the smart people from the normal thinker is that they have several plans before they come out with the right solution. Know that you only fail if you didn’t try anything that will pull you closer to your goal. When you go home and found out that your gate is closed, will you just stay outside the gate and sleep there? You will either call someone, go somewhere or you will try to pass through the gate using other methods. In the midst of incertitude, be smart and confident that you have still had control over your thoughts that will decide whether you will panic or take it as a go signal to try new things.


If thoughts can affect your response, you need to remain calm to process your thoughts efficiently. Work at your own pace; it doesn’t mean that if you cannot control things, bad events will surely happen. Find your peace by holding on to the foundation that you are in a training ground supervised by our Heavenly Father. If your faith is based on the character of our God, then you got nothing to worry about. If He is not worried why you should worry?  Everything will be so light when you got someone who loves you so much and has power over all things and circumstances. I’ll leave to you how you will gain confidence in waiting, praying, surrendering, and acting based on what you have discerned.  There are a lot of books like what I mentioned earlier that can help you with this.


It doesn’t always mean that if you fail at something, it is bad for you.  It is a human habit that we create an excuse or consolation prize when we fail.  Though it is a positive aspect that you celebrate that you tried, it is also good to practice perseverance, endurance, and wisdom. There is no limit to trying but it depends on how eager you are to get whatever you want even though you are faced with uncertainties.


It is okay to plan for the future and take steps towards it, but hey we still cannot live the future. What we can live on is now. We define incertitude because we cannot predict what will happen. For example, in 2020, we experienced a lot of traumatic events that rocked our world. It made us realized that after all the toiling and saving, these cannot save us from not being hit by typhoons, viruses, and other unforeseen events. The wisest man ever lived says that the true gift of life is when you enjoy what you have worked for.  It doesn’t mean that if you cannot see the future you are not secured. It just means that it is good to have God by your side who takes care of everything that you don’t see.


Chasing the wind means you go on something that you feel is right. It is also when you based your needs on what you see on the media, people around you, and especially on what is comfortable for you. You are created with a purpose, uniqueness, and specially made to make the world a better place full of love, hope, unity, and faith. Don’t be afraid to be authentic. If you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the next few days, you might as well make every day count not just here on earth but even in eternity. When you follow the wind, you will be lost.  Stand firm on your faith and belief! Be an inspiration that in this world full of uncertainties the only thing that matters is your relationship with yourself, family, friends, other people, and God.

Uncertainty interrupts our ability to plan. Don’t let this be your stumbling block to believe that you are destined for victory. It’s healthier to accept incertitude, just like what we do in our normal day-to-day lives.  And even though life’s unexpected twists and turns may not always seem positive, it’s important to be realistic about how much control you really have. Acceptance will lead us to the alignment of our purpose, authenticity as human beings, and a lot more that will open doors for something big. Practice improving your emotional intelligence (EQ) during this season of your life. Like our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) our EQ is improved by knowing our limitations. Limitations are our open doors for miracles and breakthroughs. The question is, will you open that door? If yes, how will you welcome what is upfront to you?  It is not wrong to just breathe. It may be the basic, but it is also our key to know if we are still alive. Taking rest is not also off beam, it just means you take care of your own mental health. The state of our heart is also important during these times. Our EQ and IQ work hand in hand in order to create harmony in our life. Fear is also the start that you find favor in life especially when it is related to moving out of your comfort zone.

This is why your foundation of peace is important. When you are rooted in the right perspective about security in life you can say that even if you have burdens, you feel light. Simply because you have someone who got your back. Jesus is willing to get all our worries and fears if we gave them to him. The moment we share our thoughts, emotions, and all disappointments, chances are all these bad things will turn into beautiful blessings because we have Jesus. It is like when we have a project, and we feel light because we know that inside of our group is a competent leader, that is Jesus. What the Lord has promised is far greater than any incertitude in this life. Whenever I feel lacking, I thank the Lord for His promise. My skills and wisdom will be limited but His character being Sovereign, Loving, Gracious, Merciful, and Faithful Father will never change. He is bigger than any highs and lows in our life. His power is not dependent on our ability to trust Him, but how He will be able to display His powers if we don’t acknowledge his presence at the very instance, we need help. To what extent we can trust in Him depends on how much we know Him.

28 “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke and put it on you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest. 30 For the yoke I will give you is easy, and the load I will put on you is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

The verse above is an invitation from God, to come to Him. He assures us that whatever we are going through He will be there to help us. His characters will give us an idea that when we give him those things, we cannot control He will surely take care of them. All we need to do is to surrender our plans to Him and walk with Him. Though He allows struggles and challenges to go on our way it just means that He wants us to be a conqueror, a warrior, and a true son and daughter of a King. We can always win our battles, break our walls (limiting beliefs), climb our mountains(problems), succeed in our journey in valleys and hills (ups and downs in life) because we have a God that has control over everything. It is lovely to feel that you are not alone and not forsaken, but for you to feel that, you need to be at that moment. It is a matter of how you see things, where you set your substance and what are the things you hope for. A detour is not bad if it will let you see things that can only be seen on the other side of the road. Take heart; everything in this world is under control by God.

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